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    Sergey Valentinovich Rychkov. Has ended musical school in Kazan. Travelled much over the country. Studied spiritual literature.

    Композитор нетрадиционной лечебной музыки

    His first piece of music was written in a condition of meditative trance in 1990.
    In 1991 N.Roerich's exhibition took place in Kazan. There, as a background, sounded S.Rychkova's music.
    Sergey Valentinovich was surprised, when a lot of people began to visit him and told, that they were recovering.
    Many and many patients were convinced of curative influence of his music, conversations and improving sessions on their own experience.
    These sessions are perceived with interest and gratitude both by beginning doctors, and doctors with high qualification.
    Big interest to lectures of Rychkov explains also as an opportunity personally to get acquainted with him, whose music renders remarkable influence.
    Music of Rychkov differs with it’s kindness and consequently can be recommended without restrictions as preventive maintenance of nervous failures and for overcoming consequences of sharp and chronic stresses.
    S.V.Rychkov is the composer of nonconventional music, the participant of the international festivals of electronic art in Austria, Finland and Canada.
    We offer you music promoting transformation of the person at a level of his body, Soul and Spirit
    Influence of " Space experiences of Spirit ”
    - internal clarification; opening of power channels; improvement of a psychophysical condition, breath, a dream. It is music for rest and meditations.
    Influence of " The World of the childhood ”
    Pure light music, the internal clarification, capable to kindle a cold of the frozen souls. It promotes restoration of cleanliness, kindness, sincerity and love of human relations. Music teaches to feel a child, to be able to give heat, love to the world that is around us.
    The world of the childhood is the world of SELF-SUFFICIENCY.
    The influence of " Dzhonatan Seagull "
    " Dzhonatan Seagull " is the music of dawn and risings, silver sounding of stars. Washing out power streams clear you of chaos of a life - vanities, anxieties, irritations. Music removes a dejectedness, depression, fills your life with intelligence, clarifies consciousness. Listening to " Dzhonatan Seagull " your heart is dismissed, as a flower.
    Influence “ Mornings of Soul ”
    Music " Mornings of Soul " distributes mental energy, removes stress, pressure, calms nervous and cardiovascular systems, improves dream.its good for people with the complicated breath and dystonia.
    Influence of "Awakening"
    : the weariness,the irritation is removed a body is filled with energy. "Awakening" positively influences breath, improves work of heart and vessels.
    Influence of the rest in the forest”
    Music on the background of sounds of nature for clarification from any negative conditions of the person. Sounds of the sea, rain, singing of birds, murmur of stream, chirring of grasshoppers - harmonize a condition of the person, give good a big effect of a relaxation and rest.

    We can pick up individually helpful music to each person

    Medical sounds approach you to the Primary source

    Каждому человеку мы можем подобрать индивидуально полезную музыку
    Лечебные звуки приближают Вас к Первоисточнику



    На исходную


    Космические переживания Духа
    Мир детства
    Чайка Джонатан
    Утро Души
    Отдых в лесу

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